Six favorites of 2019 so far!

Six favorites of 2019 so far!

It’s officially June which means 2019 is already half way over…. wow! Time really flies when you are eating great food 😉 Since we are six months into 2019, I thought I would share my top six picks from the first half of the year!

1. Whether you are hoping to show family and friends a trendy dining spot, celebrate a special occasion, have a date night out on the town, or simply munch on some delicious Spanish-inspired food, Eclipse Di Luna is the perfect spot. The restaurant atmosphere is laid back, but fun and inviting! The patio is enclosed and air conditioned – we all know that’s a must in these hot Atlanta summers – plus it’s a great spot to check out the decorations reminiscent of Spain!

The menu is tapas style so make sure save enough room to taste a range of items, from Filet Mignon to seafood paella to a plethora of vegetarian options, all of which are unique and absolutely bursting with amazing flavors. I know this is a bold claim, but Eclipse Di Luna’s mojitos are hands down the BEST mojitos I’ve had in Atlanta. Some of my favorite items to order are photographed below. Find Eclipse di Luna at either its Dunwoody or Buckhead locations. It’s my new go-to restaurant for 2019! 

2. It takes a lot to be rated best dessert, but Monster Cookies, a newer cookie delivery service to Atlanta, takes the cake. These cookies are not your ordinary cookies. They are not only taste fantastic, but each type has its own unique touch – I’ve never seen another cookie that looks like a Monster Cookie!

My favorite is the S’mores which is topped with three large toasted marshmallows that look as amazing as they taste melting in your mouth. Also, another must-try is the classic twist Peanut Butter and Jelly cookie. No matter the flavor, each one is thick and baked perfectly on the outside, and rich and gooey on the inside! Plus they are delivered straight to your door, so no need to even leave your home!

3. Coffeeee! I love coffee! Whenever I go to a coffee shop, it needs to check off three boxes 1) Is the environment cozy? 2) Is there working WiFi 3) Is the coffee delicious? Brash Coffee in the Atlanta history center checked all of these boxes and then some! There is even a Souper Jenny’s in the same space which is a double win in my book.

4. I’m from Florida, so I love sushi, which is always sooo fresh being close to the coast! This gave me a high sushi standard, but Ocean Wave in the Virginia Highlands surpasses expectations for my favorite sushi from January to June 2019! The restaurant is small and cozy, but you can order to-go on a busy night! I got the Love Boat and “loved” staring at the gorgeous sushi display before chowing down and enjoying every bite! It was only $50 which is a major deal steal for this much high quality sushi – perfect for two!

5. Fast casual: With a busy schedule, I am always looking for fast casual places to eat a quick lunch or dinner! Ponko Chicken has an “Eats” meets West concept, which is very unique and reflected in all of the dishes, my favorite of which include chicken tenders paired with tacos, rice and a delicious Ponko Sauce – think yum yum sauce but WAY better!

6. Pizza deserves its own special recognition. Varasano’s Pizzeria in Buckhead is hands down the best pizza I have had in Atlanta in my two years of living here! I love authentic thin-crust pizza straight out of the oven, and with Varasano’s that’s what you get! The pizza dough is both delicate and crispy, and topped with the perfect amount of well thought out fresh ingredients. Jeff, the owner, spent years perfecting his pizza dough recipe, made the old fashioned way with a sourdough starter. Varasano’s years of thought perfecting his recipes earns my top pizza pick for the first half of 2019.

I hope you all enjoyed my top picks for 2019 so far! 🙂

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