Shmore Boards: Atlanta Cheese and Dessert Boards

Shmore Boards: Atlanta Cheese and Dessert Boards

‘Tis the season for cheese boards! Shmore Board is a local Luxury Cheese & Dessert Board company located right here in Atlanta! These boards are truly a work of art and taste just as amazing as they look! You can customize the board by choosing types of meats, cheeses, candies and other items you desire! Shmore Boards are the perfect center piece for gatherings with family and friends, birthday parties or watch parties for the College Football National Championship, Super Bowl or anything you desire (the Bachelor – Duh!)!

I ordered a Shmore Board and was so blown away with 1) how beautiful it was and 2) how tasty it was! I had an event with 8 people and once we stopped staring at how pretty this board was, we dug in! We had two different types of cheeses; smoked cheddar and a baked Brie, which was amazing! I loved having both a warm cheese option to dip crackers in as well as the block of cheese cut up into cubes!

The board also came with a variety of fruits, including one I had never tried before- a persimmon! Persimmons are bright orange and add the perfect pop of color, not to mention they are packed with nutrients!

Shmore Board also included gourmet handmade crackers on each board (which are so delicious!) and chocolate bark made from scratch! Shmore Board is all about customizing so you can actually choose what type of chocolate bark you want! I had the white chocolate almond cranberry with a hint of rum and it added the perfect touch of sweetness to the spread.

Shmore Boards takes orders through Instagram and Facebook direct messages, and orders must be placed one week in advanced. The boards come in sizes small, medium and large, and pricing is based off of the amount of people the board serves. Shmore Board also offers gift boxes starting at $65! Place your order today with Shmore Board to make planning and gathering just a little bit easier!

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