Nacho Daddy

Nacho Daddy

Home of the Scorpion Shot, entree nachos and the Best of Las Vegas Daddy’s Margarita, Nacho Daddy is nach’yo average restaurant! Nacho Daddy opened its doors in Las Vegas, Nevada in 2010 and will be expanding to our beloved downtown Duluth, Georgia on Monday, February 25th!

I am constantly on a search to find the best Margarita in Atlanta and I think I may have hit the jackpot! There is no shortage of tequila based drinks at Nacho Daddy! Whether you prefer wine or beer, fruit or spice, or even like your drinks a little minty, there’s a marg for everyone on the menu!

If you are looking to try something other than your typical lime-rita, I highly recommend the Vino or the Mexican Candy Margarita. The Vino Margarita is a margarita topped with Cabernet Sauvignon. This tequila and wine mixture is the best of both worlds! The Mexican Candy Margarita is truly unlike any margarita out there! With the perfect mango to jalapeƱo ratio, this drink is a sweet heat treat!

Believe it or not, under all of these toppings is a pile of tortilla chips. But do not fret! Nacho Daddy believes that there should never be a dry chip in a mountain of nachos. Every nacho is covered in delicious toppings, whether you choose the Chicken Thai, Lobster and Crab, or the Filet Mignon Nachos (pictured above).

Fajitas, Burritos, Tacos, Enchiladas and More! Nacho Daddy specializes in, you guessed it! – Mexican food. I ordered the Flaming Shrimp Fajitas, which were set on fire table side for both a great photo op and a little extra flavor. If you have a hard time deciding what to order as your entree – trust me, after seeing this menu you will understand the struggle of choosing only one – the Ultimate Enchiladas are a great choice! This meals comes with three enchiladas filled with chicken, pork and ground beef with rice and beans on the side!

If you have room by the time dessert comes around, or just can’t pass up an incredible dessert, I highly recommend the fried ice cream! This mouthwatering dessert is served with cinnamon sugar coated chips and topped with chocolate sauce and whipped cream.

At this point you probably will need to be rolled out of the establishment, luckily, Nacho Daddy is located in the heart of downtown Duluth so you can attempt to walk off your meal and check out some of the shops located near by! Enjoy!