FūDO Sushi

FūDO Sushi

Attention Sushi lovers!!! FūDO Sushi, located in Downtown Chamblee, has over 50 sushi rolls to choose from, as well as a variety of Japanese and Korean style dishes. I ventured over to FūDO Sushi to see what all the hype was about, and it did not disappoint! The restaurant is very industrial and beautiful on the inside! The service was amazing as well – the staff was very attentive and kept our water glasses full (which is a huge win in my book)!

I always appreciate a Sushi establishment with creative names for each of their rolls. FūDO named many of their rolls after movies such as “A Star Is Born”, “Hunger Games”, “Legally Blonde” & more! I started off with a few appetizers including the Pan Seared Dumplings (I never pass up dumplings on ANY menu) and the Agedashi Tofu. This was my first Agedashi Tofu and man, I have been missing out! The lightly fried tofu with the dashi broth was bursting with flavors!

Pan Seared Dumplings
Agedashi Tofu

Next up, I ordered the Spicy Tuna on the Rocks, which is a personal favorite of mine! This is crispy rice topped with spicy tuna, Sriracha and a jalapeño on top!

I also tried three rolls from the sushi menu:

The Hot Night: fried scallops, mango, Sriracha, tuna and other flavorful toppings made for a BEAUTIFUL roll!

Over the Rainbow: Salmon, mango, cucumber, yuzu sauce, white fish, avocado and more! The Yuzu sauce added a hint of citrus to this roll, which was so refreshing!

BlackPink: Shrimp tempura, spicy tuna, crab salad, avocado wrapped in pink soy paper!I loved this roll because of all of the types of seafood inside!

Everything I tasted was truly phenomenal! I can not wait to go back and get FūDO’s Bang Bang Shrimp roll, Donburi Rice bowls and Dancing With The Stars cocktail!

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